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About Eusipa
Eusipa is the first and only pan European organization created to promote the interests of the structured investment products market which has grown strongly throughout Europe over the past years despite recent setbacks. The aim of the umbrella association is to coordinate future transparency initiatives at the European level and so create uniform standards in Europe. Through eusipa market participants can engage in direct discussions with the decision makers at European level.

Structured Investment Products are increasingly popular in European states. The growing degree of acceptance of these products is because with the certificate the invested capital can be wholly or partially protected while simultaneously profiting from capital market developments.

In order that the national markets can grow together to form a cross-border structured investment products market, the founding members see the necessity of retaining attractive and fair framework conditions in Europe. At the same time, the European harmonization should happen with self-regulation wherever possible. Initiatives for uniform product classification and risk assessment should be in the foreground. Furthermore, the efforts for transparency and understandability of the products are to be strengthened. This should promote investor confidence, also at European level.

EUSIPA has the following full members:
Member countries
• Italy
• Germany
• Schweiz
• Austria
• Sweden
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