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Pressreleaser from Eusipa
Eusipa Derivative Map launched today –
New European Classification Standard for Structured Products

The European structured investment products association (eusipa) launched today the organisation’s “Derivative Map”. The new tool represents a visualisation of the respective product categories both by a numbering system and graphics of the payout profiles.


New European System for the Categorization of Structured Investment Products

The members of the European Structured Investment Products Association (eusipa) have agreed to set standards for the uniform categorization of structured investment products.

These differentiate on a first level between Investment Products and Leverage Products. On a second level, the system consists of a fourfold set: Capital Protected Products, Yield-Enhancement Products, Participation Products and Leverage Products. With both the top level distinction and the sub-categorization according to the payoff profile of a product

Pressreleaser from Eusipa
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